The basic git workflow

The normal workflow when using git is described briefly on this page.

Consider this as a kind of “cheat sheet”, rather than as a full tutorial on the use of git/github.

One time setup per project:

Short version:

cd ~/github
git clone ssh-clone-url-of-your-repo
cd repo-name

Longer version:

Each time you make a change

It is recommended, but not required, to do a git status before and after each git command, as shown below.

To add files into the “next commit” you are going to do:

git status
git add  names-of-files-you-changed
git status

To make that commit permanent and add a comment:

git status
git commit -m "AB/CD describe your changes"
git status

To push those commits from your local directory on ACMS up to the server:

git status
git push origin master
git status