Github: Confirming your email address

Once you’ve created a account, one of the first steps you need to take is to confirm your email address. Until you do that, many of the features of will be simply unavailable to you. You’ll see this message when you try to use them:

Please verify your email address

You might also see this message at the top of many pages in

please verify banner

If you see either of these, then you should look for an email similar to this one in your inbox.

sample verification email

Simply click the link (preferably in a browser where you are already logged into your account), and you are done; your email will be verified and you can go back to whatever you were doing.

The rest of this page has information about what to do if you

What if you can’t find the email?

To request that send you a new copy of the verification email, you can use any of these methods to access the email settings page:

  1. Some of the messages in about verifying your email have links directly in the message. If you see one of these, just use the link already supplied:

    Please verify your email address

    Please verify your email address

  2. Or, you can use the menu at the upper right hand corner of any page to access the account options menu, then select Settings, as shown in the image below.


    And then on the user settings page, click on “Email” in the left hand menu column, as shown here:

    click email from user settings left menu

  3. As a third option, you can directly enter the following url:

Once you have done any of those things, you should end up at this screen. If your email is not yet verified, you’ll see something like the following:


  1. 3 github-sample-verification-email-50.png

  2. 4 github-settings-profiles-50.png

  3. 5

  4. 6 please-verify-your-email-address-50.png