If you want to practice coding in Python, there are a few sites where you can do that

Coding Bat

At Coding Bat, http://codingbat.com/python, you can practice coding in both Python in Java.

You are given a series of exercises and some hints for getting the test cases to pass.

Cyber Dojo

Cyber Dojo, http://cyber-dojo.org, is a site where you can practice with a number of programming languages including Python.

Most of the Cyber Dojo sessions are set up with generic programming problems, and a “generic” test framework.

The “initial solution” to the problem is actually just some dummy code that has nothing to do with the problem given. It is just a sample of some code written in that language.

Cyber Dojo Sessions for SPIS

We have set up a few cyber-dojo sessions specially for SPIS where the starter code is a bit closer to the actual solution, to give you a head start. You can enter these sessions by clicking on “Enter a Practice Session” and entering the number of the session.

Here are some sessions for you to explore:

Project Euler

The Project Euler website has a large and growing number of programming challenges that you can try.

They can be solved in any programming language, including Python.