Projects: Web Applications (webapps) in Python using Flask

Intro to webapps with Flask, in four parts

Learning More about HTML

Some useful example webapps:

Description Link
basic templates for pages, CSS, and navigation https://github.com/pconrad/flask-practice-web-app
using sessions https://github.com/ucsd-cse-spis-2015/flask-webapp-session-example
uploading files https://github.com/pconrad/heroku-try-file-upload

Steps to making an app from scratch—the summary (details elsewhere)

Example: https://github.com/pconrad/flask-practice-web-app

To run on Heroku:

Advanced stuff

There may or may not be time for this during SPIS. If not, these are some topics for further study if you want to take your web app further after SPIS is concluded.

Flask in general:

Database stuff:

sqlite3 is an implementation of an SQL compatible database.

On Heroku, you need Postgres. If you are testing on your own machine (Windows/Mac/Linux), it is easier to just stick with Postgres and skip sqlite altogether.

OAuth Stuff (e.g. to login with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account…)

Web Scraping (getting data from other sites)

Web Scraping with Python By: Ryan Mitchell Publisher: O’Reilly Media, Inc. Pub. Date: July 14, 2015 Print ISBN-13: 978-1-4919-1029-0 Available to read online, on UCSD campus, for free, at: